Ring of Forgotten Alliances

Allows the user acess to an exarch of moradin once a day, to provide advice and whatnot.


This ring will summon an exarch of moradin to the immediate area. This exarch, who is naturally annoyed at he user for summoning it against its will, will answer questions equal to half the users level. After the exarch has answered all questions or is dismissed, he will make a sarcasit remark about the intelligence of the users questions (and the user in general) and then will disappear in a burst of flame. Limit one use per day.


This ring was given to an ancient dwarf king by moradin in exchange for a great service. The King, after using the ring several times, grew annoyed at the exarch who was summoned and gave the ring to a dragon to put in his hoard. This dragon was named Santharax. Several thousand years later, our heroes found it in the hoard of Zanthrax, son of santharax. Now the ring is held by Fargrim Bedrock, dwarf cleric, The direct descendant of the dwarf king who owned the ring originally.

Ring of Forgotten Alliances

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